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Create a “Winter to Spring” Garden Vignette With Potted Plants!

by / 5 Comments / 277 View / March 1, 2012

Create a transitional,  "winter to spring" garden vignette using potted plants while you wait for the sun to shine.

I appeared on "Good Things Utah" recently to present some container garden ideas that are realistic for cold winter areas.


Container gardens are the answer to space-challenged yards and urban patios and balconies with tiny square footage.

Instead of just setting out a mishmash of potted plants, create a "garden vignette" or a grouped collection that tells a cohesive story.




What do you think about my plant selection?

Garden Vignette 101

A vignette should start with  a decorative focal point.


Metal trellis with checkerboard moss pattern in garden

I employed a metal trellis as a background and covered it with spagnum moss decorated in a checkerboard pattern.


You will need a small tree to anchor your container garden.

I elevated a leafless Corylus 'Contorta' (Harry Lauder walking stick) tree to sculpture status!

 "Harry" is planted in a shiny, ochre colored ceramic pot and propped on top of a copper planter.



Blue Star Juniper Topiary Planted in Containers


Two, topiary  Blue Star Junipers  flank the small tree and contribute more structure to the vignette.

Narcissus and Hyacinths round out the ensemble, bringing a welcomed jolt of color and fragrance to the winter patio.


Did You Know?

Junipers are the extreme survivors in nature and are able to withstand extreme heat, drought and cold temperatures!


There are hundreds of juniper varieties with growth habits that range from  prostate, mounding, twisting,spreading, spiraling and more.

You can also find Junipers in every hue of  gold, blue, green and silver!


Junipers are very common plants, consequentlly, they don't receive the adulation they  deserve.


Let's take a moment to contemplate their amazing characteristics!


Enjoy the video and get started on your winter garden vignette!


So what's thriving in your container garden right now?

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5 Comment

  1. This is such a cute arrangement of these various types of flowers. I live in a townhome and I LOVE gardening, but unfortunately I am “space-challenged” (you said it well!) I recently started using these different colored buckets in my windows and on my doorstep to display my flowers. It has made the place feel so much more like home! Thanks for the post – glad to know there are others out there on my side!

  2. Wy cool Shirley! Reminds me a bit of bonsai, but a little more contemporary and definitely a statement when you have limited space.


  3. Shirley, I use to have a Harry Lauder and it was so interesting. Next year I’m going to use Elfin Euphorbia for the bush thing in my pots. There are so many varieties around here that just take the cold and keeping on looking good.

  4. Thanks Kate. It just needed to be the “center of attention!” I love this tree and a little gloss makes it stand out. Thanks for the visit

  5. Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick looks great in this tableau with the Juniper and the bulbs. It’s very eye-catching.

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