Video Segment on the “Meaning of Flowers”

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Valentines Day is a day of confusion for a lot of people, especially when it comes to the appropriateness of different flowers.

It's a good idea to take inventory of your feelings for the recipient and think about the intended message you want to send with flowers before springing for a bouquet.


Passionate love?

Try red roses.


"Spiritual love?"

Try white roses or white carnations.


Garden designer, Shirley Bovshow offers some tips on the "meaning of flowers" in this short video segment originally  

presented on NBC's iVillage Live show.

Read the blog post, "The Meaning of Flowers" for detailed information!




5 Comment

  1. Hi:)

  2. Are you kidding? Those Victorians were very risque with their messages. With the proper mix of flowers they could schedule romantic meetings with eachother and specify time and place! The art of Floriography was practiced by keen interpreters of these messages and was their way around a repressed society.
    Once you study this, you’ll never look at an innocent bouquet of flowers the same way again.

  3. Great video Shirley!

    The meaning behind each flower is very interesting. So does mixing and matching somehow signify a more complex statement? Or does it typically work with a bouquet of one flower type?


  4. Are you serious? He gave her a bouquet of “bottlebrush?” Do you know what that means? Two possibilities….”wash my dishes,” or “tickle my back!”

    Just kidding!

  5. Great vid Shirley. Great post for the season too. I noticed one of the girls at work received a bouquet of native ochre Callistemon from an anonymous sender. The meaning??? I’m not sure what the message was attached with that??

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