“Checkerboard” Santolina Garden Bed!

“Checkerboard” Santolina Garden Bed!

by / 5 Comments / 576 View / February 21, 2008

Newly planted "checkerboard" Santolina bed

One Year Later:"My, has that Santolina grown!"

The newly planted Santolinas (Lavender Cotton) were petite 1-gallon plants two years ago, but look at them now!
The "checkerboard" planting scheme was one that we highlighted on the  garden makeover show, "Garden Police," that I co-hosted for Discovery.

These Mediterranean natives do well in Sunset zones 2-24 and grow about 2 feet tall and three feet wide as you can see in the second photo.

I'm glad we gave them plenty of room to grow because the Santolinas filled in beautifully and have a soft "frothy" and airy look now.

Both the gray and  green Santolina incana sport bright yellow flower heads.  

To keep Santolina from becoming too woody, cut it back yearly before spring growth begins.

Enjoy the scent and don't be afraid to experiment with whimsical patterns like this checkerboard design!

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  1. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for visiting and for commenting. I’m not a huge fan of “painted” landscapes but I’m willing to see how it looks!
    Santolina is a very easy care plant with a big payoff!

  2. I have been searching all over the net for info on santolina, I use it quite extensively for our Cities carpet beds, both the green and the grey, the checker board bed is really cool but if you really want it to pop out and catch peoples eyes, santolina can be painted with a floral paint readily available from your local florist, santolina can also be clipped extensively to promote uniform growth. If anyone has pics of their designs or would like to see what we’ve done with santolina contact me @ speak2me70@msn.com

  3. I can’t wait to see more of your container creations Anna!

  4. I posted this on my blog cause I liked it so much.

  5. Hey, This is fantastic!!! I planted the green Lavender Cotton and it smelled so good. Didn’t know there was a grey version. The blending of the two looks so pretty.

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