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Now in its 80th year and ninth edition, this legendary garden "bible" has been updated and redesigned to include over 2,000 beautiful color photographs for the first time.

The Sunset Western Garden Book was my first gardening book.



Shirley Bovshow Garden Design mediterranean style garden

Garden design by Shirley Bovshow


My nieghbor, Rob, who was an avid gardener, gave me my first Western Garden Book after seeing the horrible results of my first planting attempt.

His words: "Shirley, it looks like you planted a horse in your yard!"

Apparently, I was supposed to grade the soil after planting pansies and not leave the soil mounded like a bunch of mole holes!


Oh well, what did I know, I was just a newbie gardener.


Edible garden by Shirley Bovshow red and green lettuces

Learn how to grow your food with the Sunset Garden Book and EdenMakers Blog!


Now in its ninth edition and completely redesigned to be more accessible, this go-to reference for gardening in the western United States includes over 2,000 full-color photographs for the first time as well as extra emphasis on contemporary issues like climate change, edible gardening, and water conservation. 


With an encyclopedia of 9,000 plants, gardeners will relish the book's complete reference guide with photos for every plant genus, solid information about the West's distinct microclimates, and the new "Plant Finder" section with plants for every purpose and function.



$34.95 U.S. | $38.95 CAN

ISBN-10: 0-376-03921-3 | ISBN-13: 978-0-376-03921-7
$44.95 U.S. | $49.95 CAN


Buy a copy at your local bookstore or online.


Inside The New Sunset Western Garden Book you'll learn to:

  • Find the perfect plant for every purpose. The Plant Finder includes 1,000 new photographs and has a mobile companion.
  • Make the most of your microclimate.
  • Be resourceful and sustainable.
  • Garden anywhere and everywhere.
  • Take your edible gardening to the next level. Learn to cultivate unique heirloom varieties and unusual plants.
  • Create a sense of place with regional gardens that celebrate the West's most iconic native plants and landscapes.
  • Get creative with cool garden projects.

In conjunction with the publication of the The New Sunset Western Garden Book, Sunset is relaunching the popular online Plant Finder database and is introducing a companion mobile website sponsored by The Association of California Water Agencies.


The new Plant Finder database and mobile app ( feature 2,000 of the West's most popular plants all searchable by Sunset Climate Zone, plant type, sun and water requirements, and a variety of other categories.


buff beauty yellow climbing rose

"Buff Beauty" yellow climbing rose


If you follow EdenMakers Blog, my garden falls in the Sunset Western Garden Book area of emphasis- western gardens.

Where do you garden?

Do you own a Sunset Garden Book?



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