Watch “Real World” Landscape Makeovers on EdenMaker.TV!

Watch “Real World” Landscape Makeovers on EdenMaker.TV!

by / 3 Comments / 70 View / August 15, 2008

Whether I’m designing a landscape for my clients in Los Angeles or for a family on garden makeover  television, one thing remains the same- the neighbors are always curious about what is going on  “next door,” so I started EdenMaker.TV!

EdenMaker.TV will feature video, photos and progress notes of my real world landscaping projects to satisfy the curiosity of my client’s friends, family and “nosey neighbors!”

It’s my hope that while peeking into these projects, viewers will take away design ideas, problem solving tips and get an inside look at the effort involved in creating a dream landscape. It’s dirty work! Literally!

You will also meet some of Los Angeles most talented landscaping professionals, like the award winning design/build firm of Southern California Landscape who I partner with to create these outdoor sanctuaries.


Look for updates on my current project, the Villa Gardens on  EdenMaker.TV.  

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  1. […] us again at EdenMaker.TV for more “nosey neighbor” updates on the building of “Villa […]

  2. Anna, thanks for your “green thumbs up!” It’s going to be fun reporting on my real life projects for a change. Thanks for the nice comment regarding my voice….if only my husband agreed!

  3. Ok—I’ve got the popcorn made and the Pepsi is on ice. I’ve also got some other good and healthy treats for you! This is such a good idea about the progress behind the scenes. I look forward to it. Hugs and good luck. You have a very pleasant and clear voice to listen to.

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