Sun-Loving Coleus and Gryphon Begonia Plants

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Coleus plants are known for their extravagant, colorful foliage and ability to bring life to the shade garden.

Now there are "sun-loving" coleus plants, introduced by Simply Beautiful!

I had the pleasure to preview these tropical beauties recently.


At the same time, I was introduced to the 'Gryphon Begonia,' a striking, showy plant with marbled foliage and two-tone-colored leaves.

This plant boasts beautiful silver-splashed foliage in the front and solid olive green in the back.

The large arching leaves approach 10” in diameter with a height and width of two-to-three feet.


Gryphon begonia is a tropical foliage shade plant


Amazingly enough, the Gryphon Begonia grows from a small plant to an impressively large one within one season.

Give the Gryphon Begonia some room to grow in the garden or in a container.


Plant Foliage Fans

I want you to vote "Love it"  or "Don't Love it" for each of these plants by selecting a heart or broken heart in the poster below.

It's interactive and fun!

I'm experimenting with creative presentations for my "Garden Center TV" posts and videos.


Watch the video embedded in the TV below and then vote and share your opinion with me!





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  1. Wow so nice blog…It seems like i am standing in the front of world of garden….many of the things are unknown for me…!!!

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