Torch cactus pink flower among a heavy thorn plant

Torch Cactus: Beautiful Flowers Among Thorns

by / 4 Comments / 1023 View / May 6, 2013

Torch cactus flowers are breathtakingly beautiful and a shock to some people when they see them attached to the plant that bears them.

Sharp thorns protect the plant from animals, thirsty for the water encapsulated in the succulent body of the Trichocereus.

As an added bonus, the thorns provide shade, acting as a natural lath that filters the sun from the plant's exterior.


Amazing architecture and beauty…when in bloom.

When not in bloom, the Torch cactus looks menacing and  uninviting and is easily passed over by the gardener in search of pretty flowers.


The thick, cylindrical body of the Torch cactus grows to approximately 15"-inches tall by 12"-inches in diameter and has many offsets or "pups."

Multiple flowers emerge from along the top and body of the stem.


The torch cactus is a spiny plant with gorgeous flowers that emerge from the tops and sides of stem


Although the Trichocereus is drought tolerant when established, more consistent watering is needed for a new plant.

After one month, taper watering as needed when soil is dry to the touch.

Protect from frost and set is in a sunny spot where it can enjoy the spotlight and flower from spring and through the warmer weather!


Garden designer Shirley Bovshow explores the beauty of the high desert at Joshua Tree, California.

I've learned to appreciate the rugged beauty of cacti from my many visits to Joshua Tree, California.

The high desert holds an enormous attraction to me, especially when the plants are in bloom there.


Anyone love this plant or collect cacti or succulents?

Would love for you to share more information about it.


4 Comment

  1. Phyllis, I loved your bee video with the gorgeous cactus flower!


  2. Wonderful article, so glad you highlighted these beauties!  Oh yes, cacti are simply stunning in bloom…I love them all!  That was not always the case though when years ago, freshly transplanted from the East Coast, I'd look at cacti and think "what is the point."  But soon that would change; when on a desert hike during bloom season I discovered the desert awash with the vibrant colors of cacti flowers.  I fell in love!  My own yard now contains many cacti and succulents so I can enjoy their spectacular blooms right out my door.

  3. Hi Jane,

    How nice of you to drop by!! Hope you are doing great.

    I agree, cacti flowers are amazing and if you didn’t see them blooming on the plant, it would be hard to believe they are from these tough plants!


  4. They may clothe themselves in spears and swords but some of the showiest flowers in the world decorate cactus plants. Considering how harsh the environment is where these cacti grow you can't blame them for arming themselves. They sure are lovely bloom!



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