Shirley's romantic rose garden has different types of roses in the same color for maximum impact

Garden Design Tip: Roses

by / 6 Comments / 677 View / August 23, 2013

I planted a miniature coral roses at the foot of my climbing roses and cascading coral roses above my stacked stone walls. 


Garden Design Tip: Roses

Extend and maximize the impact of roses in your garden by planting different types of roses of the same color.

One of my favorite colors is coral because it brings a feeling of freshness and energy to the garden.

Coral roses also hold their color for a long time in my dry, hot climate.



David Austin English tree roses in containers in my favorite color!

David Austin English tree roses in containers in my favorite color!

Plant rose trees in containers and place them around the yard for gorgeous punctuations of color!

My favorite ones are David Austin English roses for their beauty, fragrance and performance.


Next time someone gives you a miniature rose plant from the supermarket, plant it in your garden.

It will grow to about 2'-feet tall and will cover the bare legs of  a climbing rose of the same color.

Pair a climber and a mini rose and you have a great combination for a small or narrow garden bed.

Vertical gardening at it's best!


Take a look at some of my other favorite coral and orange plants I have in my garden!


Do you have any rose garden design tips to share with other Eden Makers?


6 Comment

  1. Thanks Shirley, It surely is addictive. Loving every bit of it.

  2. HI Johnny- Yes, containers are perfect for renters. No need to wait to own your own home to have a rose garden! 

  3. Nice to meet you Shipra! I hope you are enjoying your new gardening adventure. It’s addicting!


  4. HI, I really like your blog.
    I am a new gardener and a new blogger myself. Please check my page and blog.
    Your suggestions would be appreciative 🙂


  5. Agreed, roses are a quick way of adding colour and scent to a garden of any size. I usually plant them in containers as you mention for Clients who are renting their homes.  This means they can easily take them with them when the move on.

  6. Very lovely article. As a rosarian and blog writer I agree most any yard can be improved upon by adding roses.

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