Garden Bloggers Show Up at the Garden Writers Association Convention!

Garden Bloggers Show Up at the Garden Writers Association Convention!

by / 12 Comments / 176 View / September 25, 2008


I attended the annual convention of the Garden Writers Association, (GWA), in Portland Oregon and was happy to find many fellow bloggers there.

The five day event held by GWA is an opportunity for garden communicators in diverse venues- book and magazine writing, bloggers, television and radio personalities and gardening educators and publishers, to polish up their writing and communication skills.

We spent a lot of time sharing information with each other on how we can better serve you- the gardener who enjoys reading our books, magazines, websites, blogs and watching our television shows and listening to garden radio and podcasts.

It was a special treat because I got to meet for the first time, a bunch of garden writers and bloggers who I have long admired.

Check out my photo gallery of some of the people I rubbed shoulders with.


garden writers, authors and bloggers with Shirley Bovshow


Standing, left to right: Lydia Plunk, Southern California writer and blogger at A Very Good Life, Susan Harris of Garden Rant and Sustainable Gardening Blog, myself, (Shirley Bovshow), garden designer, television host and blogger at EdenMakers’ Blog, David Perry, award-winning photographer and blogger at A Photographers Garden Blog.

Sitting left to right, award winning author and garden designer, Scott Calhoun blogger at Scott Calhoun’s Desert Blog, Nan Sterman, garden writer and television host of “A Growing Passion” , Carleen Madigan Perkins, Storey Publishing garden editor, Susan Appleget-Hurst,  associate garden editor, Meredith Corporation for Better Homes and Garden magazine and blogger at The Everyday Gardeners, Debra Prinzing, garden writer, lecturer and author of  “Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways” blogging at Shed Style” and Mary Ann Newcomer, garden communicator and blogger at Idaho Gardener.


Left to right: Nan Sterman, Billy Goodnick, writer, landscape architect and television host and blogger at Garden Wise Guy and Susan Appleget-Hurst enjoy some conversation.

I sat with Billy on the bus on one of the garden tours and he really is a wise and funny guy!


Left to right: Carleen Madigan Perkins, garden book editor, Debra Prinzing author of one of my favorite new gift books, “Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways,” and myself- Shirley Bovshow known in the blogosphere as “EdenMaker!


In addition to these fun people, I also met Joe Lamp’l garden writer, master gardener and television host of “Garden Smart,” and “Fresh From the Garden,”  blogging at The Weekly Compost.

We also met on the bus on the way to a garden tour. He is charming and even more handsome in person- I wish I had a photo of him!


Dee Nash, garden writer and blogger at Red Dirt Ramblings caught my eye at dinner one night.

Her red hair, sparkling blue eyes and wide smile made for an beautiful and friendly face.

Dee was very sweet and I did a video interview with her that will be posted in the coming weeks on my blog- so you have to come back to watch it!

Now I know first hand why everyone loves her!


I have another special treat coming up,  I videotaped Justin Hancock, senior garden editor of (Better Homes and Garden online) at a specialty conifer nursery in Portland Oregon.

I’m calling the segment, “Justin Unleashed,” because let’s just say, this “conifer connoisseur was besides himself with excitement at the site of all the exotic and uncommon conifers.

Justin has been a long time writer but he recently crossed over to television work with an appearance on the NBC Today Show- way to go Justin!

I didn’t expect such a great garden blogger showing at GWA, but now I know to keep my eyes peeled for more bloggers next year!



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  1. Hi Bren,

    I know. Time has flown by. It seems so long ago and you are right, a lot has changed.

    Glad we are still in touch!


  2. What memories… everyone has changed so much and it is great to see this community still active online! 

  3. Hi Steve- Yes, you missed out. I would have enjoyed meeting you. You would have fit right in.

    Hi Philip- Yes, can you believe it? Danced and sang. Susan Applegit Hurst of Better Homes and Garden magazine was pushing me to sing….unitl I gave in. I sang my heart out to “I Will Survive!” A favorite party song!


  4. danced and sang karaoke!
    What a great group.

  5. Well, knock me over with a feather. You were just here! I have to confess the GWA is new to me. This proves nothing other than that I “don’t get out much”, I fear, which is actually not altogether true either. I appreciate your enthusiasm – as always – but I’d be lying if I did not feel I missed something right here in my own back yard of Portland. I’m going to take my meager resume and see if they will have me, all because I missed seeing your smiling faces. That’s a pretty good-looking and rather fun looking crowd. Make no mistake – I could have added a laugh! I am Steve and I approve this message. 😉

  6. My credentials are my new friends! You see, I have great taste!

  7. Hi Shirley,

    You managed to make me look better than I do in person! I so enjoyed meeting you. You are a ray of sunshine, and you didn’t list all of your credentials either.~~Dee

  8. You got it Anna! The writers were a fun group and very diverse. We even danced and sang karaoke! I look forward to meeting you.

  9. Now those are all wonderful people that I hope you introduce me to when you come to RALEIGH!!

    I’m jumping up and down that you are going to be headed my way. This gives me a year to dress up NC and make sure it looks its best for the GWA folks.

    You all are a good looking bunch too. You had way to much fun!

  10. Looks like you all were having a lot of fun in addition to learning things and making connections.

  11. You are too modest Joe! Thanks for the kind words.

    The group certainly was wonderful company. It was a pleasure meeting you as well.

  12. Hi Shirley! Well you certainly were in good company at the GWA conference. You and your peers were a who’s who of people to know in the garden media. I blushed when I read what you wrote about me and now I’m glad you don’t have a picture to go with it. I don’t know if I really live up to your kind words. Better to keep them wondering anyway!
    You were a pleasure to meet and you have a bright and inviting spirit. Thanks for the pleasure of getting to know you!
    Joe Lamp’l

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