Christmas Tree Watering Pole: Design by Shirley Bovshow

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I enjoy designing beautiful and functional things.

My "Christmas Tree Watering Pole," or watering stick, is one of them.



Watch my garden segment on the Home & Family Show on the Hallmark Channel featuring my watering stick.


Christmas trees are notorious for bad maintenance during the holidays.

Who wants to get on their knees every day to check the water level and fight with the lower branches to reach the tree stand to add water?

Not me, and I bet you don't either!


I debuted my design for the "Christmas Tree Watering Pole" on the Home & Family Show last year when I presented Christmas tree tips.

The design was met with a favorable response and many of my viewers wanted to know how I made them.

It isn't rocket science, just one of those clever ideas that you will benefit from every holiday.





Most of the materials needed for the watering stick are available at your garden or home improvement center and the local dollar store.

  • 4-foot, 3/4-inch PVC pipe (I bought at 10-foot pipe and had it cut at Home Depot into two, 4-foot pieces, plus an extra 2-foot piece)
  • 1 large, white plastic funnel- .99 cents at the Dollar Store for a pack of three nested funnels. 
  • Package of "glue tape" for plumbing projects- .99 cents at Dollar Store
  • Red and gold duct tape- Michaels or Joann's 3.50 each
  • Flat, red paint to paint one end of PVC pipe to function as a "dipstick"
  • Scissors
  • Christmas bow and jingle bells for finishing touch!





1. Measure the depth of your Christmas tree stand basin. Usually around 6 or 7 inches.


2. Transfer the measurement to one end of your PVC pipe and mark around pipe. Add painter's tape around perimeter.

    This will become your "dipstick" area that will tell you how much water your basin has, without bending down!


3. Paint this dipstick area with flat red paint. 

    When this end of pipe is placed in water, the paint will darken to reveal how "full" the basin is.



4. Take your funnel and add glue tape around the neck of funnel for a tight fit into the other end of the PVC pipe.



5. Insert funnel to opposite end of the PVC pipe until secure.


6. Cover this funnel joint with red duct tape.

Art duct-tape-edenmakers

7. Begin at the top of the pipe and rotate pole and red duct tape to create pinstripes down the face of the pipe.


8. Turn tape until you get to the bottom of post.


9. Add decorative touches such as bows, ribbons and jingling bells!




Shirley-Bovshow-Home-and- family show-shirley-bovshow

Dip the painted end into the basin of your Christmas tree stand and take a look at the depth of the water as marked by the darkened paint.

Add water using the funnel and pipe until your "dipstick" reveals the red painted area is all wet to the top.

The watering pole is so pretty, you won't have to hide this watering aid.

Use it like a decoration.


Let me know if you end up making a Christmas Tree Watering Stick!








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  1. Wonderful! Let me know if I can answer any questions.


  2. Hi shirley, I'm going to make this for my dad this year. Thanks for the Idea!!! Your Awesome!!

  3. Thank you Lissa!
    Hope all is well with you.

  4. This is brilliant!!! Love it!

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