Gardening In February!

Gardening In February!

by / 4 Comments / 85 View / February 1, 2009

I was going to write about “what to do in the garden” for the month of February, but I see some of my fellow garden bloggers beat me to the punch. They did such a good job at it, I’m sending you over to their blogs!

Shirley’s red chinese long beans drape a garden column.

Marie Iannotti, the gardening guide at  has a comprehensive list of the essential projects for the garden in February. She’s broken up the advice by gardening zone range.



Stuart Robinson, of Gardening Tips “N Ideas is talking about “finding love among gardener’s” at his blog. Check out his post, “Six Matchmaking Ideas for Gardeners.”  I always look forward to unexpected topics at Stuart’s blog and this one is a perfect for the single gardener. If I were single, I think I would try some of his ideas!


My husband, Larry is my Valentine once again this year!


 DC Urban Gardener’s, Susan Harris just posted on some exciting winter learning opportunities for gardeners in the upcoming months. So its too cold to garden in some areas of the country right now? Go learn something new and implement your new knowledge when its time to dig again!


Shirley’s presentation at the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival, 2008


Care to swap some seeds? Dave at Gardening in the Home Landscape is inviting garden bloggers and readers to swap seeds, post photos of the plants and start planning for the Spring garden. Read “Garden Blogger Seed Swap.” I like advise that keeps one active during traditional “down time” in the garden.



I enjoy growing my vegetables from seed, though a good-looking transplant has a space in my garden!


 As for me, it’s my father’s birthday today so I’m heading outside to barbecue some “carne asada,” (delicious marinated steak!) Yes, it is a sunny day in Los Angeles and I’m going to enjoy it. For you in cold climate areas, hang on…Spring will soon be here.


Jacaranda sky…Spring is almost here!

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  1. Thanks for the link Shirley. Hope you have an awesome Valentine's Day too.

  2. Allotment & Vegetable Gardening in February

    February is often the coldest winter month although spring is just around the corner. More than any other month, what to do in February will depend on your local conditions. It’s usually better to hold off than try to sow in cold waterlogged ground that will rot seeds rather than germinate them.

    Leeks may well be standing ready but if a long freeze seems likely you can dig some up and heel them in to dug ground for easy access – unless we have deep snow!
    Parsnips, turnips and swedes in the ground can come up when you are ready, cover with fleece or straw to stop them freezing solid into the ground.
    The cabbage family should be providing some sustenance with early purple sprouting, kale and Brussels sprouts being available. Beet leaves (perpetual spinach) and chards will be available.
    Other crops you may have: salsify, scorzonera, chicory, endive, celeriac, celery and Jerusalem artichokes.

  3. You and MrPepper are awesome! Looks like you had quite a few attending the Epcot presentation and good for you.

  4. Hey, say Hi and Happy Birthday to your Dad and send me some of that “Carne Asada!! I definitely love some of that stuff, Shirley. I wish I had a nickel for every asada meal I’ve had out West.

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