A Garden Vignette for the Winter Patio

A Garden Vignette for the Winter Patio

by / 5 Comments / 1059 View / February 23, 2009

So it’s cold outside, yea, yea we know.  You may not feel like spending time outdoors in the garden, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a pretty container garden vignette for your patio to enjoy from indoors. You still look out your window, right?

I created a garden vignette last year for an appearance on “Good Things Utah” and the only gardening requirement that I was given was that the plants I used had to be cold hardy for Salt Lake City. Another detail that I won’t soon forget was that I had only 15 minutes to “prep” my vignette for the live show! Thank God my mom, Shirley, (I’m Shirley “Jr.”) was with me and played along as my assistant!


My mom, Shirley Sr. is so cute. Look how proud she is of me!

Fortunately, I found some good looking plants that were just as comfortable braving the chilly winter days in Utah as they were “sunbathing” in my warmer Los Angeles garden. What were these  wide-climate- friendly plants I used?

Junipers- the true survivors of the gardening world were one. Junipers can exist in the dry, hot desert and hold their own under a blanket of snow. Sure, Junipers are usually not the first plant you think about using in a container garden, but I found some gorgeous topiaried ones that served as anchor plants in the design.  

Corylus “Contorta” or “Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick,” a handsome, twisted, branching specimen tree served as my focal point. I set the scene with a metal trellis that I detailed with moss and placed behind the containers as a background. Colorful daffodils and hyacinths rounded out the vignette.

Check out the results in the video. I like it and hope you like it too. If not, consider it a launching point for your own crazy vignette. Have fun!


Shirley Bovshow on “Good Things Utah”

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  1. The vignette idea is a classic and does not have to be restricted to Winter – although when would we need it more?? My sister does these crazy things on her patio that always give me pause – gorgeous much like the one you put together. Yeah, your Mom looks crazy proud of her kiddo. Maybe with good reason!

  2. A lovely vignette! Your reference to “sunbathing” in the context of junipers, Shirley, was apropos for me. We have a juniper in my area nicknamed “Eastern red cedar” that is salt-tolerant and grows near the beach. I can’t see one without thinking of sunbathing.

  3. I used to think I didn’t like junipers, and then I discovered Juniperus virginiana ‘Taylor’. Slender, tidy habit and tough as nails. And the rabbits don’t eat them. If I could find a short version of Taylor, I would certainly put it in a container!

  4. I thought I didn’t like Junipers, but that way of growing them has changed my mind. The Contorted Hazelnut I have always loved.

  5. I like the vigneete and it is so great to see your mom. What a great picture!

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