Shirley Bovshow the Garden Coach in los angeles

Are You a “Garden Coach?”

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Four years ago, the New York Times declared that my garden consulting service was officially called  "garden coaching."

The  New York Times  published  an article about homeowners who hire gardening professionals  to tutor them about the rudimentary basics of planting, garden maintenance and other skills including design.


Stuff I've been doing for years!


Shirley Bovshow the Garden Coach in los angeles

Shirley Bovshow explain tree pruning for TV audience.


The article didn't mention me by name, but I  knew it was referring to me:  "Shirley Bovshow,  Los Angeles Garden Designer and Consultant!"


Not to pass up a great, free,  promotional windfall  offered by the New York Times, I immediately added  the tag,"gardening coach" to my web site and business cards!

I also signed up at a new online "Garden Coach" directory  spearheaded by the very perceptive trend spotter,  Susan Harris, co-founder of the popular blog, Garden Rant.


The New York Times had shined a giant spotlight on  my vocation and it suddenly felt very sexy to tutor gardening neophytes on Saturday and (some) Sunday mornings!

I couldn't keep up with all the articles about garden coaching in weekend  Home and Garden sections and in print magazines.


Christina Salwitz the personal garden coach

My friends, Christina Salwitz is a very successful  "The Personal Garden Coach" and has been for years.


A trend had been birthed and the timing was perfect!

It was the "golden age" of garden coaching and many of my peers began to refer to themselves as "garden coaches."

(Self-titled garden coaches had been around for years, but now the title was validated.)


The result of the extra publicity yielded me a 2% increase in business within the first year  that I adopted the title.


Fast forward four years and I'm still a garden coach but my "students" refer to me as their "garden consultant."

Go figure!


What's your story?

Are you still a "garden coach" or have you reverted back to "consultant?"


By the way  New York Times, I could use a story about "Garden TV Producers for the Web, " I'm producing a lot of  new garden web series  these days!



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  1. I refer to myself as a Garden Coach and Landscape Consultant. Using both terms may help people better understand how I can help them. To me the term coach sounds more personal and implys that I show them what to do (which I do) while consultant sounds like someone who gives advice (which I also do). If both terms are used then ideally a client would find me either way. Thank you Shirley for helping more people to know what we do and how we can help them!

  2. Greeting fellow Garden Coach and Consultant! I too wear both titles in my business, mostly using "coach" when working with homeowners and "consulting" when working with businesses or organizations. In both cases, it's the advice that is the value I provide, not the digging in the dirt that I do on the design and build side of my business. Great site, loking forward to getting to know you better and share ideas!

  3. I don’t use the term ‘coach’ but stick to ‘consultant’ to describe the design brainstorming/plant and disease ID/problem solving/education that I offer. I do demonstrate some techniques but was afraid that if I used the term ‘coach’ it might suggest I’d be happy to scramble around on my hands and knees under bushes. As much fun as that would be, my body wouldn’t thank me. My services primarily revolve around design rather than maintenance – maybe influenced my choice of vocabulary??

  4. Why yes I am! Coaching is as strong as ever. I think it just depends on your audience. For some it may be easier to grasp the term Consultant. But, I do follow many of the same techniques and skills that other types of Coaches use, I just apply it to my particular expertise.
    Thanks for the great post Shirley!

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