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Home and Family Holiday Special Show Highlights


Hi Friends!

Thank you for watching the "Home & Family Show Primetime Holiday Special" on the Hallmark Channel!

Enjoy some behind the scenes highlight photos that I took on our fun night of taping at Universal Studios.


The weather was perfect for a Christmas special, "Los Angeles" style.

There was a slight chill in the air, but let's be honest, 65 degrees is warm for many parts of the country.



All the "Family" members, or Home and Family show experts were on hand for the festivities.


I had the honor of designing the Christmas Centerpiece for our newly designed family room.


Designers Tanya Memme, Kenneth Wingard and Shirley Bovshow of Home and Family Show, Hallmark Holiday special show

Kenneth Wingard designed the garland and Tanya Memme designed a fun wall Christmas tree made with felt for kids to decorate!


Enjoy these photos and please visit EdenMakers Blog again tomorrow as I will have instructions and photos for making my Christmas centerpiece featuring repurposed materials.





My castmates on Home & Family don't take themselves seriously.

Yes, we have our hair and makeup" just right," but we like to be silly too!

Here is Dr. JJ Levenstein, Shirley Bovshow, Laura Nativo, Tanya Memme and Jeanette Pavini in the dressing room or "Green room" getting ready for taping the special.


home-and-family-hallmark-holiday-show-behind-the-scenes-jj-shirley-bovshow-laura-tanya-jeanette-edenmakers-blogThe same gang, Dr. JJ, Shirley Bovshow, Laura Nativo, Tanya Memme, and Jeanette Pavini, composed and more professional!



You may know these three women referred to as "The Blondes" on Home and Family. 
Here are Debbie Matenopoulis, Kym Douglas, and Sophie Uliano listening to the Australian singing trio, Aria.

Did you love their rendition of "Halleluyah?"





Dr. JJ Levenstein with Kenneth Wingard and Matt Iseman.

You can't get more fun than this trio!

Love their sense of humor and talent.

Did you know that Dr. JJ is also a chef?

Matt Iseman, as well.


He graduated from Princeton with a degree in Architecture!




Green living expert, Sophie Uliano is the real deal!

Here she is between segments, "coaching" Kym Douglas, Dr. JJ and Kenneth Wingard on some yoga stretches.

Did you know that Sophie Uliano used to teach yoga?




Did you know that the handsome and witty Matt Iseman is also a credentialed doctor?

He's enjoying being the center of attention, flanked by talented castmates, Laura Nativo, Tanya Memme and Jeanette Pavini.




Hallmark Home and Family Christmas Holiday Special-dinnertime-blessing

As co-host of the Home and Family Show, Cristina Ferrare is in touch with her spiritual side and leads the blessing for the Christmas meal.

Family members and guests bow their heads in prayer and respect.

Cristina Ferrare is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

I'm proud to work with her.


Hallmark Home and Family show matzoh toffee by shirley bovshow primetime holiday special show edenmakers blog


How does my "Matzoh Toffee" look?

I swear it's better than Almond Roca!

I made it with matzoh crackers, butter, brown sugar, chocolate and dry roasted almond slices.

Visit my Foodie Gardener Blog tomorrow for recipe!

I'm too tired to post it tonight as I've been taping all day today.




Our sweet and beautiful DIY expert, Paige Hemmis stands proudly with Australian singing group, Aria.

She's engaged to the handsome man with mustache and beard.

I've got to ask her his name!

They were very sweet together.

Look at Paige's tears of joy!



Co-host, Mark Steines was very busy taping but couldn't deny himself a little time with the "family!"

Yes, we do like each other and everyone has a blast when we get together.


Shirley Bovshow's Christmas Centerpiece, "Fire and Ice"


My custom designed, "Fire and Ice" Christmas Centerpiece features "snowball planters" made from painted grapevine orbs, repurposed Christmas tree ornaments, battery-operated candles, and lots of bling!


Hallmark Home and Family Shirley Bovshow designs christmas centerpiece for family room Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare

Designer Shirley Bovshow, shows her "Fire and Ice" Christmas Centerpiece to Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare.



Close up of the snow ball planter I designed for the Christmas Centerpiece for Hallmark's Home and Family holiday special.

I can't wait to share the step by step instructions with you.

It's so easy to make.



My Christmas Centerpiece is interactive.

Along with beautiful plant and crystals, there is a pretty little cup filled with chocolates!




Doesn't this succulent look pretty surrounded by beads and crystals?




White Christmas cactus plant in bloom.

What's your favorite Christmas cactus flower color?


I hope you enjoyed my behind the scenes photos of the Home and Family Holiday special show!

Please subscribe to EdenMakers blog for new posts and instructions on how to make my Fire and Ice Christmas Cactus Centerpiece!


Palm Frond Succulent Container Arrangement


My latest garden craft uses repurposed palm fronds as containers for succulent plants.

I love the way the containers look and I'm very satisfied with how easy they are to make.


Watch the garden segment as seen on Home & Family show with Shirley Bovshow!



If you live in an area where there are no palm trees, you can order the fronds online at crafting stores.


You can also check your indoor mall for palm fronds; many grow palm trees indoors.




In Southern California, the windy season blows many palm fronds to the ground and all I have to do is drive around and pick up my future "container" materials from the street!


The rest of the materials are inexpensive, so give this project a try. 

You have nothing to lose!

As seen on the Home & Family show on Hallmark channel.




  • Palm fronds- any shape you like from "boat-like" to flat frond. 
  • sphagnum moss
  • plastic chicken wire
  • metal wire


  • outdoor grade crafting paint in your favorite color
  • polyurethane sealer-glossy
  • twine
  • copper or steal wool pot scrubber
  • succulent cuttings

I created my palm frond succulent container arrangements for the Home & Family show using succulents from Proven Winners brand, Savvy Succulents.




1. Clean the inside and outside of your palm frond with a copper pot scrubber- works just as well as sand paper!

2. Wipe off dust


3. Apply 2 coats of outdoor grade paint to outside and seal with polyurethane.

4. Wet the moss until moist but not saturated with water.



5. Cut a piece of plastic chicken wire the length of the inside of the palm frond 'pocket' and wide enough to fold over and fill with moss. Make sure it is small enough to fit inside the pocket or flat area.




6. Close the "chicken wire and moss" burrito with thin gauge wire.



7. Take succulent cuttings from your garden or from plants bought at garden center. Remove all the soil around roots.

8. Stick the succulent cuttings into the sphagnum moss and use a pencil to help create an opening in the moss.



9. Wrap twine or metal wire around the palm frond and moss to secure it and the cuttings to the frond.

10. Place palm frond container arrangement indoors in bright room, but not in direct sun, or outdoors in covered patio.




Shirley Bovshow, garden lifestyle expert for Home & Family Show on Hallmark channel

with her succulent container arrangement.


red-palm-frond-succulent-container-designed-shirley-bovshowPalm frond painted red and used as succulent container.


close-up-succulent-plant-combination-red-palm-frond-containers-shirley-bovshow-designer-edenmakers-blogClose up of Savvy Succulent plant combination


white-painted-palm-frond-on-drift-wood-planted-succulent-arrangement-shirley-bovshow-designer-edenmakers-blogShirley Bovshow's repurposed palm frond succulent container arrangement painted white and resting on driftwood.


bronze-painted-palm-frond-succulent-container-arrangement-moss-eucalyptus-sticks-designed-by-shirley-bovshow-edenmakers-blogBronze-colored palm frond succulent container arrangement with deep pocket for plants.





Do you  have any questions about making the palm frond succulent containers?





Plantas Decorativas Para Halloween: “Planta Devoradora de Hombres”

Uno de los artes de Halloween más fáciles que he hecho tiene que ser el "La planta devoradora de hombres" que presenté recientemente en el  "Home & Family Show," programa del canal Hallmark.





Este arte de la planta de Halloween es gratificante porque puede hacerse con muchos materiales re-asignados que pueden encontrarse fácilmente en el patio o garaje.

Las plantas  parecen que son del culto del clásico, " La Tienda de los Horrores."





"La planta devoradora de hombres" fue diseñada por Dave Lowe, el talentoso director de arte del show y es parte de su "plan maestro de Halloween” diseñado para el frente de la casa.

Cuando Dave me explicó el proyecto, quede gratamente sorprendida y me dije, "Genial."

Los pasos son sencillos, y es algo familiar, ideal para involucrar a sus hijos en la decoración de Halloween.


De principio a fin, (no incluyendo la espera de  30 minutos para que la  espuma seque) el proyecto tomó menos de una hora para completarlo.

Una vez que tienes los materiales para una planta, haciendo otra docena no es gran cosa.

De hecho, yo pondría juntos un grupo de plantas monstruo en distintas alturas para el mejor efecto.




Estaba tan emocionada de presentar este arte de Halloween a la audiencia porque los resultados son muy impresionantes y la planta puede ser muestrada en una variedad de maneras.

Puede agregar los esqueletos a la planta o arañas y cráneos y  hacerla tan leve o macabro como te atrevas.




Una rama de arbol 

Una macetera

Espuma de insulasion {aislamiento} en spray

Una calabaza artificial

Pintura verde en spray o con brocha

Hojas de seda o de faux

Pegamento caliente

Un carver para disenar la calabaza

Toques decorativos como musgo, esqueletos aranas, huesos




1.Busque una rama de arbol que tenga una forma atractiva.

macetero-lleno-con-espuma-aislante-para-craft-de-halloween-plantas-monstros-de-shirley-bovshow-diseñadora de jardínes-edenmakers-blog


2. Busque un macetero, llenelo con la espuma  aislante y espere a que crezca y se endure antes de injertar la rama.

3. Dibuje una boca grande con dientes filosos a lo largo de la calabaza, el tallo debe formar parte de la parte posterior  de la cabeza.

4. Corte la boca con una navaja, recuerde sujetar la cabeza a lo largo para que el tallo quede atras.




5. Una la cabeza de calabaza a la punta de la rama y asegurela con el pegamento caliente.

6. Pinte las ramas y lo de afuera de la calabaza con de pintura verde.




7. Agregue las hojas al final de las ramas y aseguralas bien con pegamento caliente.

8. Con el pegamento spray la parte de la espuma que se ve y cubrala con musgo.

9. Agregue sus toques especiales.


Haga exprimentos con sus decoraciones de Halloween y exhibalos con orgullo.



Tiene preguntas para mi?


Deje un comentario y por favor comparta este atractivo proyecto con sus amigos. 

Outdoor Living & Landscape Design Showcase in Pasadena/La Canada This Weekend!

Pacific Outdoor Living Design Showcase and Outdoor Living Expo in Pasadena and La Canada

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are looking for beautiful landscape design ideas and outdoor living inspiration, I have a recomendation for you!


Pacific Outdoor Living, a design/build landscape company in Southern California that I admire,  is hosting their Fall Designer Showcase & Outdoor Living Expo on October 25, 2014 from 9am – 4pm.

This event will feature 5 gorgeous estates in Pasadena and La Canada that were designed by their talented in-house designers.

Two of the homes on this tour are previous Pasadena Showcase House of Design estates.

This tour is self-guided and the landscape designers behind the project will be on site to answer questions regarding their design and to help with any questions you have regarding your own project. 


Tickets are $20 for single admission and $30 for family admission (full car).

All ticket sales for this event will benefit the LAPD Cadets Community Youth Program which helps at risk youth learn responsibility and leadership skills.

Learn about the successful cadet program by visiting the LAPD cadet website.



For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the Pacific Outdoor Living website or call  (818) 244-4000.


I've worked with Pacific Outdoor Living and recommend this professional group without reservation.

Go check out their amazing design and construction!






Halloween Craft: Man-Eating Monster Plant

shirley bovshow garden-designer-expert man eating monster plant-for-halloween craft home and-family show edenmakers

One of the easiest Halloween crafts I've ever made has to be the "Man Eating Monster Plant" I presented on the Home & Family show recently.

This  Halloween plant craft is rewarding because it features many repurposed materials that can be found in your yard or garage.

The whimiscal plants look like they are from the cult classic, "Little Shop of Horrors!"




The "Man Eating Monster Plant" was designed by Dave Lowe, the talented art director for the show and is part of his "master Halloween design plan" for the front yard.

When Dave explained the craft to me, I was blown away and responded, "Genius!"

The steps are simple, making the monster plants an ideal family craft to get your kids involved in decorating for Halloween.



Start to finish, (not including waiting 30 minutes for foam to dry) the project took less than an hour to make.

Once you have the materials for one plant, making another dozen is no big deal.

As a matter of fact, I would put together a group of monster plants in varying heights for the best effect.





I was so excited to present this Halloween craft to the audience because the results are very impressive and the plant can be styled in a variety of ways.

You can add skeletons to the display or spiders and skulls.

Make it as mild or macabre as you dare!


Watch the video segment of Man-Eating Monster Plants



Tree branch

Flower pot

Spray foam insulation

Artificial pumpkin

Spray or brush-on paint in green or any whimsical color

Silk or faux leaves

Hot glue

Pumpkin carver

Decorative touches such as moss, skeletons, spiders, bones




1. Find a tree branch from your yard with nice branch pattern

2. Find an old flower pot




3. Fill the flower pot with spray foam insulation and wait till it expands and hardens before inserting your tree branch

4. Draw a large, open mouth with sharp teeth along the legnth of your pumpkin. The pumpkin stem should be the back of the head.

5. Cut the mouth with a pumpkin carving blade (remember to hold the pumpkin long ways, so the stem is in the back).




6. Attach the pumpkin head to the top of the tree branch and secure with hot glue.




7. Paint the branches and the outside of the pumpkin with green spray paint.




8. Add leaves to the end of branches and secure with hot glue.

9. Spray the exposed foam insulation with adhesive and top with moss

10. Add your special decorative touches!


Experiment with your Halloween decoration and display with pride, indoors or out!



Have any questions for me?

Comment below and please share this Halloween craft with your friends!!


Fall Containers: One Plant Wonders!


It's the first week of October and today registered a HOT 98-degrees in Los Angeles.

Perfect weather for desiging fall container gardens!

Oh, I'm not complaining about the perennial sunshine, I only wish "sweater weather" would set in soon.

No matter how warm it is in my town, my focus is on presenting garden and design information for the national audience that watches the "Home & Family" show.




My latest gardening segment is on "Fall Containers: One Plant Wonders!"

I thought it would be practical to showcase plants that boast beautiful foliage, texture, or berries and look great as "one plant wonders" in fall containers.

The last thing I want to do is care for a mixed fall planter, stuffed with a bunch of flowers that need deadheading.

What do you think?



Shopping for garden containers at Green Thumb Nurseries in Canoga Park, CA.


My approach to fall containers this year is simple and practical.

Pair a fall foliage plant with a colorful, contrasting jewel-toned container for maximum impact!


Take a look at a few of my favorite fall plants for containers featuring some First Editions® plants that I presented on the show.

I want to thank Bailey Nurseries for providing the plants and Green Thumb Nurseries for the colorful containers.


Daub's Frosted Juniper Tree



This Daub's Frosted Juniper is grafted as a small tree with bluish-green, lacy mature foliage and frosted golden-yellow new growth.

I like how the glossy white container and white Galaxy snowberry plant bring light to the evergreen tree.

Junipers are cold hardy and one of the most adaptable plants in the world!

You'll find them surviving under snow as well as braving the heat of the desert.

Find a sunny spot in your garden and enjoy the year-round beauty of this spreading, but low growing variety.


Harry Lauder Walking Stick Tree (Corylus avellana)



The stark, gray, twisted branches of the Corylus avellana or "Harry Lauder Walking Stick" tree, transform the naked branches into a "living sculpture" in the fall and winter.

 I selected a textured, cobalt blue container with raised swirls to play up the contorted shape of the branches.

As the tree ages, the branches become thick and gnarled and bend into corkscrew configurations that are breathtaking and a hallmark of the plant.

When placed in a tall container, it elevates the tree to "art status."


Harry Lauder Walking Stick is a member of the hazelnut family and is dormant through the winter.


Loropetelum, First Editions® 'Crimson Fire' Fringe Flower

Besides small trees, I selected some plants that are commonly used in the landscape but interesting enough to be featured as a specimen plant.



The dark ruby leaves of the Loropetelum, or 'Crimson Fire' Fringe Flower, persist throughout the year.

In the spring, the Crimson Fire boasts an eye-opening, neon pink flower.

When  I combined this plant with a glossy, ochre ceramic container, I was impressed with the vivid colors.

Although the loropetelum is hardy to nearly 0-degrees Farenheit when planted in the ground, as a container plant it can tolerate cold temparatures near 20-degrees.

Take it indoors to a sunny room and enjoy closeup when temperatures dip less than 20 degrees.


First Editions® 'Red Fame' Hypericum


Don't I look like I'm enjoying the fall with my sweater?

I was boiling but I kept smiling!


 The fire engine red berries of the 'Red Fame' Hypericum tower over the dark green leaves, looking beautiful with autumn colors.

The purple container has a raised, knubby texture that mimics the round berries and reminds me of a cozy, cable knit sweater.

I wish!



Hypericum is related to St. John's Wart and this variety grows round and compact at 2.5 feet tall  by 2.5 feet wide.

Give the Hypericum full sun and don't eat the berries!

They can be toxic to people and turn black in the winter.


First Editions® 'Tiger Eyes" Staghorn Sumac


The warm, orange ceramic planter sets off the golden and scarlet tones of the 'Tiger's Eyes sumac.


Take a look at the rosy pink stems with chartreuse green and yellow fall leaves.

If this combination doesn't scream "Autumn," I don't know what does!

Tiger's Eyes is an award winning plant and can be planted later in spring,  in the garden as shrub or small tree.

Find a space with a lot of open space as the sumac tends to grow enthusiastically and cover some ground!


Questions From Home & Family Show!



Q:  Other than color, what type of containers are best for cold weather?

Containers that won't crack from freezing and thawing.
Wood, metal, fiberglass, stone and high-fired ceramic like these


Q: What is the difference between a plant with a brand name such as, "First Editions" and plants without special names?

Branded plants such as First Editions® have been bred to be an improved version over their common plant counterpart.

Better disease resistance, more color choices, better size selection, more or extended bloom times.

If you like a plant but not it's behavior, look for branded plants to see if they have improved version.


Q:- Any special care for fall container plants?


Water once per week if no rain

No need to fertilize

Use an "anti-dessicant" such as Wilt-Pruf to keep leaves from drying on cold, windy days


Leave me your questions about your landscape or garden below!


Autumn Wreath: Repurposed Corn Stalk From Garden


The corn harvest  at the "Home & Family" show vegetable garden has ended after an extremely hot summer season in Los Angeles.

We enjoyed a few juicy cobs and now it's time to dig up the brown, sun-dried corn plants and repurpose them in my autumn wreath!

Take a look at how simple and affordable it is to make an autumn wreath from upcycled corn stalk parts. 


If you want to learn how to grow corn successfully in a small garden, visit my other blog, Foodie Gardener.



Home and Family vegetable garden and corn patch in September.



Corn stalk parts cut and separated- tassles, corn husk leaves, old corn cobs left on the stalk

Straw wreath- $3 at Joann's


Floral pins

Dried flowers, ribbons and other decorative materials

Water bottle to spray materials if dry and brittle







1. Cut cornstalk and separate the tassles, leaves and dried leftover corn cobs into different piles.




2. Bundle 5 to 6 corn leaves of similar size together with twine.

    Make as many bundles as needed to fill the straw wreath as full as you like it to be.




3. Tie leaf bundles around the straw wreath in a clockwise direction.




4.     The first layer of Fall wreath is complete.

        You can add more leaf bundles if you like.




5. Add the corn tassles on top of the corn leaf layer.

   Make the tassle layer as full as you like, adding more layers.




6. Decorate your corn wreath with dried flowers, seedpods, ribbon, and other decorative materials.



Cristina and Mark decorate Shirley's autumn wreath using a glue gun to add dried flowers and ribbon.




Shirley stands by her autumn wreath made from repurposed corn stalks from the garden!


That is it!


Hang your autumn wreath with pride!
If you didn't grow corn, you can purchase corn stalk bundles at your local pumpkin patch for approximately 8 dollars.

You will need 2 corn stalk bundles for a wreath like mine.


Have fun and Happy Fall!


Watch my Autumn Wreath segment as seen on Home & Family show!