Honk If You Grow Your Own Tomatoes!

Honk If You Grow Your Own Tomatoes!

by / 11 Comments / 96 View / June 11, 2008

Contaminated tomatoes have supermarkets and restaurants scrambling this week to remove them from their shelves and menus in at least nine states. I hope the people who fell ill to the salmonella poisoning are back on their feet soon. Times like this make me appreciate the fact that I grow many of my own favorite vegetables and fruit. Tomatoes are on the top of that list. I must have 10 different varieties this year tucked into my “square foot garden” and the overflow, in pots.

“Honk” at me if you grow your own tomatoes. Anybody enjoying an early harvest? Anybody get sick?

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  2. Hi Eileen. Welcome to the EdenMaker! I enjoyed reading your blog today as well. Come back and visit again. Enjoy your veggies.

  3. Ahh, yes, we have 12 plants and all the fruit is still green. We haven’t purchased any from the store but have eaten many from our CSA without problems of course!

  4. Sorry, actually it’s “Eilish” (old Irish name) and I’m female. But there are a lot of male gardeners in my family, so I’ll see if some of them will lend a comment now and then. Thanks for the good wishes, anyway!

  5. Our tomatoes are now turning. I’m quite excited!

  6. Dee, Nancy and Cindee, thanks for visiting me again! Keep me posted on your harvest this season. I’ll be visiting your blogs so make sure and post photos.

    Welcome to EdenMakers, Elisha and Dave nice to have some guys visit….sometimes I feel that male and female gardeners have different ways of looking at things and I welcome your comments and ideas.

    Good luck with your experimental garden Elijah.

    Dave- sweet 100’s are one of my favorite tomatoes.

  7. Honking!!! My plants are growing well but no fruit is ripe yet. Soon hopefully I will have fresh tomatoes!!!

  8. I have 11 plants growing in our raised beds. I think three are brandywine, a couple are cherry sweet 100’s and a couple others. I can’t wait to taste them, sure will beat a supermarket tomato contaminated with salmonella any day! Heck it’ll beat a supermarket tomato any day without the salmonella!

  9. Hi Shirley, I’m a new visitor from the Inland Valley in SoCal. I had two tomatoes (sweet 100 and celebrity) last year and loved them so much I planted 12 this year! Actually, I planted my first real veg garden in a walled-off area behind our garage. (It gets afternoon shade, so it’s a bit of an experiment, I’ll let you know how it goes.)

    I have tomatoes, eggplant, beans, peppers, zucchini, cucumber and a lettuce patch. I have gotten cucumber, zucchini, and beans out so far and my tomatoes have set green fruit out with lots of flowers now that the weather is better. I generally avoid store-bought tomatoes just because of the taste, but salmonella is an even better reason!

  10. I’m growing some “upside down”, hanging from the balcony. đŸ™‚

  11. Not sick, although I ate a few tomatoes while on vacation. I do grow my own and can’t wait for the juicy goodness.~~Dee

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