I’m Eating From My Garden and Losing Weight!

I’m Eating From My Garden and Losing Weight!

by / 9 Comments / 428 View / August 5, 2008

One of the most effective tools for losing weight is eating from my vegetable garden. I’ve pushed aside processed food and go “shopping” in my garden for the fresh harvest of the day. My goal is to fill three quarters of my plate with vegetables and one fourth is designated for my lean protein. Fish, chicken, tofu or a nice lean cut of beef!

Eating clean and simple foods that are flavorful keep me full and help me stave off cravings for sugar and other carbs- my weakness. Take a look at one of my meals.

Shirley’s “spa cuisine” includes balsamic-marinated red beets with corn relish, crunchy persian cucumbers, “rocket” arugula, red sweet peppers and chichen breast marinated in non fat yogurt and seasoned with garam masala spices. I grew all the vegetables in my garden and can eat like this every day!

I found an eating formula that works for me, how about you?

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  2. thanks Anna. I’m afraid of Orzo, not the tomatoes.

  3. You do look really good!! I had a garden sitter too while I was on vacation. It was my youngest–the newleywed. He and his wife took home 20 harvested tomatoes to friends and family—and I still have spares. I’ve recently discovered Orzo Pasta—way too yummy. I’m eating it with my tomatoes and topping it with Italian Dressing. I’ll let you know if I lose—I’m hopeful.

  4. I love the “art” my blog name inspired!

  5. Dropping by to let you know that I mentioned your blog today on my blog, though it’s hard to explain what the “mention” involves. The relevant post is this one:


  6. That’s good news Eileen! Congratulations. Eating seems more special when the meal comes from the garden.

  7. Whoo Hoo for the grow-your-own-and-eat-it diet. I lost 5 lbs this season just by eating what I grow. It’s so stinkin’ satisfying!

  8. Enjoy your tomatoes Trey!
    What helps me is that growing and harvesting my vegetables creates an “experience” that people usually look for in the food itself. I eat what is good for my body and have the added satisfaction and enjoyment of cultivating my own garden.

  9. Monica and I are increasing the size of our garden. You right about eating vegetables from the garden. They taste so much better you take your time eating, and eating more vegetables. Today may be the first Early Girl Tomatoes!

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